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Like the Senegal Parrot, the Red Bellied Parrot of Africa is in the Poicephalus family. All members of the Poicephalus originated in Africa. Being a Poicephalus, the Red Belly is a great talker and is not shy around strangers. They are known also to be great apartment birds for they are a quieter species. Most of the birds we choose to raise are quieter.


The Red Belly's eye ring is is so cool and matches their belly perfectly! They are so sweet and affectionate. Meet "Hi Baby" who is our old man breeder bird. He is about 15 years old! His mate plucked the back of his head so it is bald and it endears us to him and reminds us that he has aged. In reality, he should live to be about 40 years old, so he has a long way to go. Every time we walk into the aviary, he says, "Hi Baby," thus his name.

Members  of the Poicephalus family are very sure of themselves...can you tell?? The other feature of Poicephalus that make them such great pets is that when you go to scratch them, they love it; they close their eyes and get that dreamy look, they lean into it, they lift their wing so you can better scratch underneath, they adore being touched all over! I have found this to be true with Jardines, Senegals, Red Bellies and even a Cape that we babysat for a month.
The female Red Bellies are just as florescent green and have the red eyes, but they don't have the red belly! ..and what's interesting is that almost all babies color in looking like males. If they are females, after their first molt, the red doesn't come back in. Can you see the florescent green on the top of the tail? And the orange wing tips?


Isn't he pretty?


On this baby, can you see the florescent green strip behind the foot? This baby's name was Iggy and before he was weaned, he was saying, "Iggy, Iggy!" (I am the one in the picture)

Here he is as a little guy!!! Isn't he cute? You can start to see the orange band above the nose!


Isn't it cool how the red extends up under the wing?

The babies love to go outside in their harnesses! This little guy is takin' a snooze!

These birds love to be on their backs! They will even do it involuntarily in the cage!

On my back...

    BELLY BUFFER!!!...

Ahhh, I made it!





What is the difference between a Crimson Belly and a Red Belly? Click here to read more.

All pictures are photographed by Pampered Peeps and are copyrighted. They may not be copied without permission.

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