Red Belly vs. Crimson Belly

Better defined as

 Red Bellied Parrot vs. Crimson Bellied Conure


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Red Bellied Parrot Crimson Bellied Conure
Poicephalus Family

African Species - Old World

Short tail

"Parrots" have short tails.

Pyrrhura Family

South American Species - New World


Long tails  

"Parakeets" have long tails.

Potential to be a good talker with fairly clear pronunciation.

Stocky and compact, average weight about 125 grams.

Orange colored belly on male

Sexually dimorphic = males and females look  different

Potential to have a small vocabulary with more slurred pronunciation.

Streamline in build with average weight about 60-80 grams.

Bright red colored belly on male and female

Sexually monomorphic = males and females look the same







male and female

*Tendency to be more a one person bird. Can be overcome if properly handled and the family members who are not the bird's favorite are willing to work with the Red Belly.


*Potential to be more of a family bird and freely interact with more than one person.
*Rarely able to house these with other species.


*Potential to be housed with another bird of same size.
*Love to snuggle and
be touched all over!

*Relatively quiet

*Love to snuggle and
be touched all over!

*Relatively quiet

*When I describe the personality of a particular species, these are generalities and individual birds do not always read their own "species description" meaning they don't always fit into these nice little categories. Birds are individuals with wide variances even among individuals of the same species.

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