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We have had so many wonderful people purchase babies from us! They have written back many glowing reports and hysterical pictures and we wanted to share these with you.
My bird is band #281 and is a Crimson Bellied Conure.  She was hatched 5/11/10 and she now lives in Webster, NY (a suburb of Rochester).
I became infatuated with my brothers Green Cheek and started to look into getting a bird for myself last summer.  I spent many weeks researching conures on the internet. After looking at countless local and far away aviaries I became convinced that Pampered Peeps was the place to get a bird from.  I was sold when I saw a video of children feeding baby birds, and heard the christian music to go with it.  I was very concerned about getting a bird that was well socialized.   I felt that pampered Peeps offered a bird that was gentle and used to children.  I have not been disappointed. 
We contacted Pampered Peeps by email and they were very helpful in the process.  I received candid emails about the status of a certain bird and I was content to wait for more information.  Once I felt as though I  was a good candidate I got emails about every other day or so.
Our baby was and still is a gentle bird.  She will go to any one of the six member of our family and is very loving.  She still has not bit anyone.  My wife and I have a 9, 11, 17, and 19year old. 
Ellie plays in her cage on swings, ropes, etc. and is happy just about all the time.  There are six of us coming and going all the time, so there is very little time that she is alone.  She spends long periods of time during the day in and out of her cage.  She likes to crawl inside the kids sweatshirts while the kids do homework.  She likes to sit on anyone's shoulder and walk around the house.   She really likes to help wash dishes and get a little wet.  She goes in the shower, and gets under the water in the sink. 
I would be happy to answer any questions by email, and feel free to give my email address in any way that you like. 
In closing,  I would like to say that when we were waiting for Ellie to make her journey we were in constant communication with Pampered Peeps.  They gave us very good info on all arrangements and even gave us choices on flight dates etc. 
I learned a wealth of knowledge about raising a conure on the internet and most of what I learned I got from  We feel as though her diet and disposition are directly related to what we learned from Beth and the time she learned to be around people before we got her.  She took to people the minute we got her and we have taken it from there. 
Ellie has been to the C store, Post office, Bank, gas station, bank, and a few ball games.  She is a big hit wherever she goes.   She loves to meet new people in public and in our home.   Some people I know are surprised that a tough minded baseball coach would travel around town with his bird and others talk about how they were raised with birds in the house and how they would love to have a bird like that.  She wears her flight suit out and about town and in the house.  My 9 year old is the best at putting it on her.
Well that is almost all I have to say about Ellie.  I wanted to name her Elvis, but she was a girl so I named her after Ellie Zendt from James Michener's Centennial.  Our Ellie is an adventurer when she goes out and very friendly at home. 
She greets us when we come home and says goodnight at the end of the day.

Mike H


We picked up our baby Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure March 24th 2009. His band # is 219. Our whole experience was such a joy. I found Beth’s web site while browsing the web. I was so impressed by all of the information she provided for those of us that had no knowledge of birds. The video’s showing her family interacting with the birds really impressed me. I contacted her and she walked me through the process of getting on the list for a baby. She kept in frequent contact with me letting me know when her birds had laid eggs and the magical day they were hatched. I received color pictures of Rico from the day he was hatched through being ready to be picked up. She made all the arrangements for him to be flown to us from Arizona to Memphis, TN. And let me know what I needed to do to make his car ride home successful. We were so excited going to the airport. My grandson could hardly wait for them to bring Rico to the pickup area. Once in the car we got him out of his shipping crate and I was so amazed at how calm and loving he was with us as perfect strangers.  He was in perfect health and got an A+ rating from out vet. I am still amazed at how well Beth and her family socializes her babies. Rico has been to school for show and tell with my grandson and all of the kids loved him. He allowed them all to hold him and never once offered to bite. He keeps us all entertained with his antics. Beth continued to keep in contact with us after Rico came home offering us advice for any concerns we had and sending information she felt we might benefit from as new owners. She was very prompt in answering any emails I sent with concerns. As a Breeder she is of the highest integrity and very honest. You could not go wrong buying a bird from her. I would recommend her to anyone.  Debra K

Beth feel free to leave my email address on the reference letter. Thanks again for our wonderful Rico.

Dear Beth at Pamperedpeeps, 
I wanted to write a letter to tell you how how much we love and enjoy our Aleta.  I also wanted others to know what a great place Pamperedpeeps is to find a new, loving family member!
Aleta is a Pineapple Greencheek conure that was hatched on March 1, 2009.  She is banded #232 and came home to us on April 29th.  We live in Peoria, Arizona so we were lucky enough to be able to pick her up in person.  We really enjoyed our visit to your place!  We loved seeing all your different animals and meeting your family.  Amazing job you do!  I know you are so very busy with the birds, dogs, horses, and kids; but I do believe this is why the birds are so well socialized.  Aleta is not afraid of anything!
We thought Aleta was going to be a "special needs" bird since her parents unfortunately nibbled off most of her toes.  We had her bowls and perches low in her cage and we were prepared.  What a surprise when we brought her home and up she went as high in her big cage as possible.  We took her to a vet and she is very healthy and happy.  She does not have any problems being a bird!
One of the things I liked the most about my interaction with Pamperedpeeps was the many emails about various help topics.  I learned how to make bird mash, how to use our flight suits (we do keep her fully flighted), training tips and more.  Beth is available for any support a new pet parent would need.
There are a few important things people should look for in a breeder; and it is very hard to find them all in one.  Honesty, support, cleanliness, socialized and healthy animals.  I am glad our paths crossed because you have them all! 
The Baca Family! 
I wanted to put my feelings about Pamperedpeeps in writing . . .
I love Paperedpeeps!!!!

My little Sadie is band 262 and she was hatched January 2010 and she came to live with us March 2010 here in Arizona.

Beth at Pamperedpeeps was so patient and caring not just about her little chicks but she was very helpful to us as birdowners . . answering a multitude of emails with lots and lots of questions.  Beth actually started helping us about a year before we got Sadie, being helpful about our other conure Pablo which we didn't get from Beth . . . but she kindly helped us by answering many questions and being so informative.

Our little yellow sided green cheek conure . . . Sadie was very healthy and a good eater right from the start.  She was well socialized and would go to anyone.  Her feathers were bright and healthy and she was a character right from the start.

Beth's home was very clean and she was very careful not to introduce any outside disease that could harm her little chicks.  Beth had us dip the soles of our shoes in bleach water so we didn't track in anything harmful.

After we brought Sadie home Beth still answered questions even though she was having a busy year.

Beth is much more than a good breeder . . . she is a good person and she cares about people and animals which is rare in the world we live in.

I would highly recommend Pamperedpeeps and would use them again as a breeder but also as a creditable resource for bird education.

Aaron & Liz Eckburg


*Crimson Bellied Conure band #264 hatched February 2010; place of residence: Mississippi
*Pamperedpeeps website is the most useful & helpful website we have found to inform & educate on the many aspects of taking care of companion parrots.  We felt plenty prepared for our new baby conure from the website alone.  Emails were always answered when we did have questions.
*Our baby arrived safe and sound and in perfect health.  She still is wonderfully healthy.
*We found this family to be of rare integrity and completely honest.
*We chose Pamperedpeeps specifically because of the vast exposure their baby birds are given and the level of socialization they receive.  They also love their animals with a special love and respect as part of God's creation.
*We have had no problems that would require us to contact them but I know they would be available if needed. 
*They only breed what they know they can properly care for, which is important. (I selfishly wish they could breed other parrots as well!)
*Thank you for a wonderful baby and acquisition experience!
John & Marie & kids
"Jade" is a Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure. She was hatched on January 1, 2010 at Pamperedpeeps. Her band number is 263. She was shipped to me in March or 2010.  I was kept updated continually about her personality, coloration and socialization by Beth at Pamperedpeeps as well as several videos of this Parrot's individual progress as I waited for her to be shipped to me in Massachusetts. Upon arrival, this Parrot was in exceptional condition due to the excellent diet and socialization that she was raised with at Pamperedpeeps.
I was called by Beth as soon as my Parrot arrived via Air Freight shipping. She was more than I had expected!
Her personality and condition was so healthy and her socialization amazed me from the moment my Parrot walked out of her shipping crate and into my hands! She was so incredibly tamed and friendly from the very start!
 I have been informed about diet and care about this bird since I purchased her last March of 2010.
I was treated so well, and was completely informed about every aspect of care regarding this Parrot from Pamperedpeeps.
I have written to Beth about certain concerns or questions about her care and have received excellent advise and concern long after my original purchase.
I continue to update Pamperedpeeps about my love for this bird and how tame she was upon arrival. Her personality has become more outgoing and friendly and she is incredibly easy to handle. My friends have never seen such an incredible bird!
I have purchased other Parrots from other breeders both nearby my home and via Internet breeders. There is absolutely no comparison in the honesty of Beth at Pamperedpeeps as well as the quality of this Parrot.
She is incredibly social and so tame compared to any other Parrot that I have purchased from any other breeder.
I could not be more pleased with this entire situation, since I originally contacted Beth at her Aviary several months ago.
Beth's children socialize these Parrots with love and consistent handling. My Parrot is much more that I could have imagined!
Robert Battles
I got my precious Orion from Pampered Peeps. Orion (Band 235) is Yellow-Sided Green Cheek Conure who hatched March 12, 2009. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Pampered Peeps to anyone who is looking for a healthy, well-socialized parrot. Beth and her family are extremely proactive about educating new "parronts" to ensure that each baby will be well-cared for when he goes to his new home. In addition, Beth continues to be a great resource when I have questions about Orion.

When I took Orion to the vet for his first check-up, the vet was very impressed with his health and the lack of stress bars on his tail feathers. The vet commented, "Someone put a lot of time and effort into making this a healthy bird."Other than routine care, I have not had to take Orion to the vet for any illness or injury. My current vet performed blood work at Orion's first check-up, and all tests results were normal (and negative for any infectious illnesses). Also, I've heard many stories about owners having trouble getting their birds to try new foods, fruits, vegetables and pellets. Because Pampered Peeps weans the birds onto these healthy foods, I have never had any trouble getting Orion to try anything. (Although there are foods he does not like, he will immediately try any new food that I offer to him, and he is always excited about getting his "mash" which contains vegetables, whole grains, legumes and fruit.)

Many people have also commented on how flexible & adaptable Orion has been, and I think that part of that is due to the attention he received when he was being hand-fed at Pampered Peeps. Just a month after I got Orion, I moved across the country, and Orion handled the move and all of the changes beautifully. This summer, I unexpectedly spent three months at a relative's home, and again, Orion did not seem overly stressed by the upheaval.

Although Orion was shy when he first came to live with me, within a couple of days, he was napping while stretched out on my face! He likes other people and will go to anyone if I tell him to do so. I've heard mixed reports of Green Cheek Conures' talking abilities, but Orion definitely talks (not like an African Grey, but fairly clearly and usually appropriate to the context). His repertoire includes, "hello," "I love you," "Orion," "Mommy," "Grammy," "Granpy," "No," "okay," "be gentle," "good boy," "good night," "see you tomorrow," "come here," and "what." He also imitates my laugh and chuckles to himself when he's playing with his toys or especially pleased about a food I give him. Orion has a great personality and especially loves music. He'll sing and dance to his favorite tunes.

I couldn't be happier with my decision to purchase my bird from Pampered Peeps. I have full trust in their care for their parrots and their integrity in dealing with customers. Although I don't want my e-mail address up on the website, I would be happy for Beth to give my e-mail address to any potential customer who contacts her, asking for a reference.

Stephanie & Orion :)
Dear Beth,
I've thought about you and you family very gratefully many times over the last month that I received my green cheek baby (band #288). I was and still am very impressed with your breeding expertise and I can now honor the decision that you made in making me wait for my baby even though I wanted it early and was willing to spoon feed myself, and the fact that you honored your reputation for delivering healthy birds and preferred not to do so, even though I'm a very experienced birder, You mentioned that it would be against your better judgement because you had relinquished an older bird from the same clutch to another woman you entrusted and were having reservations about it as it is not your policy to do such a thing (i'm only mentioning this to familiarize you with which clutch my baby is from) How is that bird, by the way, I hope all went well. Anyway, I was very impressed at how often you answered all my questions at length when I called and the photos you sent on a regular basis to familiarize me with my baby. I know that someone was always holding him and socializing with him, which is was very obvious to me the moment I received the bird and the trusting nature and kissing and gentle "beaking" I received the first night....Soooo sweet....The bird arrived in a specially designed crate with all kinds of healthy food, instructions, and was sealed like fort knox; I'm sure to protect from ANY possible mishap thru the airlines... I called the minute I received him, as you had asked my to do and stressed the importance of letting you know he was safe.. I appreciated your genuine concern for the bird, even after you already had been paid. The bird is very healthy and I appreciate the fact that you are knowledgable and very careful from the beginning that there is no cross contamination and the design of your breeding area to eliminate any disease from other birds and the ventilation system etc. Other breeders could certainly learn a valuable lesson from you on that front. (I researched birds in my own are in New Hampshire and was less that impressed with the careless way they would put the baby birds in a room where they were cleaning other bird cage parts from different varieties. You have a wonderful, caring family environment and a very real and rare respect for birds..It was well worth the extra cost and flight expense to have a healthy baby I know I'll have for a very long time.....Thank you so much for such a friendly companion, he's not afraid of animals or any people..Keep up the good work. I've referred two of my friends, who like myself have owned many birds over the years and take their birds very seriously and have seen your website and are impressed as I am.  I know I'm sounding winded, but I'm just very blessed and full of gratitude and I sit with my new friend. Thank your daughters for me too! It was fun when I talked to them about the birds, they gave me a lot of valuable information too....bye for now
I adopted a baby crimson-bellied conure (band 276) from Beth at Pampered Peeps in June of 2010.  I found the Pampered Peeps website to be such an invaluable wealth of information. I enjoyed spending time reading through the articles and learned so much. Any questions I had that were not addressed there were answered by email promptly by Beth or her daughter Lisa. 
The entire "adoption" process from start to finish went so smoothly. At no time did I feel uncomfortable, rushed, or uninformed. Communication with Pampered Peeps was top-notch. 
Our new baby (Lulu) arrived safe and sound here in Mobile, Alabama. Beth even included an envelope containing feathers from her first wing clip. She hopped right out of the travel carrier onto my finger when we opened the cage after returning home from the airport.  The socialization these birds receive as they are being hand fed and weaned by Beth and her family is evident.   Lulu is very well adjusted, friendly, and curious, and is a joy to have as part of our family.  My husband, children, and all love her very much.  
Kristi M
Mobile, AL
September 18, 2010

We bought a baby Crimson Belly Conure Band # 223 from Beth and family from Pampered Peeps Aviary. His hatchdate was January 31, 2009. We live in Arizona so we picked up our little boy at Beth's home. Beth takes every precaution to eliminate any possible contamination brought in by prospective new parents. We stepped in a little tub of bleach water to sanitize our shoes before entering her home. I think this is a great practice for all of our homes when friends or relatives stop by too. Beth's home is immaculate and the quality and health of her birds are a testament to her bird husbandry.
Beth and her girls were so gracious while we were at there home to pick up our little Joseph. She checked to make sure his wings were clipped just right and he could still fly and land safely. His toe nails were clipped. We talked about his diet and she even sent home some mash for him. Her youngest daughter took the time to show me how to put on his flight suit. She made it look so easy. We felt very welcome by Beth and her daughters. We can't say enough good things about them. I would buy another bird from them without hesitation and I highly recommend them to everyone.
I talked to Beth over the phone a couple of times and we also emailed each other to answer any of my questions. Beth has continually been there for me whenever I have had a new question about caring for our bird. Her web site has a wealth of information that has been very helpful to me as well.
Joseph is very socialized. He is such a happy bird, the most playful little guy in my flock. He loves everyone. He has not picked out one person as his favorite and I totally believe it is because Beth and her girls have paid so much attention to the babies they have raised. He is my delight. We have not had one problem or health issue with Joseph since we brought him home. He has never been a picky eater and he prefers his fresh foods. I'm sure that is because he was given these right from the start. Thank you so much Beth and girls for giving us such a wonderful healthy little bird!

Phyllis and Lynn Mason
Hi Beth, I am more than willing to recommend Pampered Peeps Aviary to anyone who wants to get a parrot.  My green cheeked conure, Samba (Band 285), is a delight.  He is healthy, an enthusiastic eater of all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, beautifully feathered, and most importantly a wonderfully socialized pet and member of the family. It took a leap of faith to order a bird on the internet from an aviary in Arizona when I live in Maine, but your website has such a wealth of information and your emails were so informative that I took the chance and ordered my green cheeked conure.  I did not regret that decision at any point.  I remember the day he arrived in Maine after flying on Continental Airlines all the way from Arizona. He was carefully packed in a small crate with plenty of millet, mash, seeds and a fresh water bottle. When I got him home and opened the crate, he flew right up to the top of my head!  Healthy, happy, and no worse for the wear.  Thank you for all of the care and attention that you put into each and every baby bird that you raise!  When my adult daughter is ready to have a parrot, she has already stated that she will be getting her bird from you! Thank you all again!  Jean

Hi Beth! Here is Samba (band 285) wondering how is he going to attack this snack! Well, he worked on the petals. He is a joy (and a character!). I hope all is well there, and take care! Jean

We purchased our Pinapple Green Cheek Conure in 2008.  We named her Java.  Her band number is PPA-162.  We found Pampered Peeps online and were impressed with all of the information that we were able to obtain there.  We also loved the fact that Beth's babies were co-raised by her family. 
We live in Oregon, so shipping the baby was our only option.  The transition was easy as Beth had an animal carrying case all set up for Java with a perch, water and fruit.  When she came to us, she was cuddly and sweet.  To this day, Java is our most social bird.  She will go to anyone, she talks, loves a variety of fresh foods and is a real "ham". 
We had a few questions about our new baby and Beth was right there via email to answer all of our questions.  We were very thankful for her knowledge and willingness to help.
We love Java and are so thankful for her in our lives.  I would recommend Pampered Peeps to anyone who wants the BEST Green Cheek Conure to add to their family. 
Erin and Allan Heaton
Sept 17, 2010

Ms. Tutu LaRouge is a Crimson Bellied Conure, band #224 (hence the name), born Fall 2008.  Although initially inspired by the band number 224, the name evokes an image of an gorgeous exotic dancer running around all day on Rue du Burbon wearing only feathers.  Perfect! 

I'm sure someone else could take more care in their animals, I'm just not sure how.  She arrived in great health after being air shipped to SeaTac airport, her checkup at the vet was perfect.  The care taken in the shipping spoke volumes as to how well you take care of your little charges. 

Your website is a wealth of information and should be considered a seminal work in avian science.  It should be published.  More than that, it is a hoot just to see what is going on with the little guys, I enjoy watching the videos.  The "basket of baby birds" is hysterical and a lot of fun to watch!  It really sold me on you folks as the breeder we wanted.  We have never regretted doing business with you and your care in Emailing has been great.  After seeing all of your fan mail, I don't know how you can keep up but I still got personal letters. 

Tutu was immediately friendly and always just a kick to have around!  What a joy!  We almost immediately too her on a road trip and she was great in the car.  To describe her personality, of which she has plenty, I call her a "Puppy with feathers".  She is always friendly, always inquisitive, very intelligent but loves to snuggle and get a beak or chin rub.  And go "shirt diving", i.e. go running around under your shirt making little contented grunting noises.  And she likes to take naps on the bridge of my nose when I am lying down. 

You may certainly use me a a reference.



I purchased a green cheek conure band 289 from Pampered Peeps Aviary in June 2010 after she hatched, following a long telephone conversation with Beth. Since I live in Phoenix, AZ  I picked my bird up at the aviary in Beth’s home which was immaculate. I met Beth and her daughters’ pet birds and dogs which were all very content, well behaved and looked very healthy and their living conditions were immaculate and well thought out, each of her birds had their own cage and play area. My bird is very well socialized, loving and a wonderful pet. I took band 289 to a local certified avian veterinarian who gave her a well baby exam and she was found to be healthy and well adjusted, she was the hit of the vet’s office the time we were there. She could already step up, had a very healthy appetite when I brought her home. Beth was very informative, gave me lots of sound information and has always been very supportive with information, as is her website. I am not a novice bird person I have fostered many types of birds and owned a large Scarlet Macaw. I was very impressed with this aviary’s birds, their concern for the birds and their integrity dealing with future and current bird owners. I will be purchasing another bird from them in 2011. I highly recommend Pampered Peeps Aviary to anyone looking to purchase a green cheek conure or any other species they raise. You will not be sorry. 

Linda H


August 10, 2010  

Hi Beth,I would like to contribute to your reference page as I  purchased a Yellow Sided Green Cheek conure, “Darcy” –  band  239  in May of 2009,  and now residing in the town of Los Gatos in the San Francisco Bay area. When I first saw your web page, I was impressed and delighted to see all the articles and videos of your bird family so made my initial contact, sent a deposit, and  waited patiently for his hatching and finally arrival to his new home. He arrived well in his little carrier which now serves as his little sleeping cage and adjusted readily to the new environment.    

Darcy has been a delightful addition to our small family as he’s an only child. I appreciate all of the information you provided before his arrival and subsequent articles and videos that provide invaluable information in keeping our little friend happy and healthy. I would whole heartedly refer any prospective customers to you as I found your commitment to raising quality and well socialized birds reassuring. I find Darcy an endless source of entertainment and can’t thank you enough for the services you provide.  Your web site is informative and your dedication to providing healthy and well socialized birds is evident as I contacted many breeders both local and online, and kept going back to your page.  

Wish you many happy years devoted to your beautiful birds. Best to you and your family.



August 10, 2010 
To Whom it May Concern,
I have come to know Beth  over the last few months through the purchase of my baby yellow-sided green cheek conure.  Because of Beth's dedication to the proper care of the animals she breeds I have come to be the happy owner of a very healthy pet.  After doing a fair amount of research online and in pet shops I consider it a very fortunate decision to have choosen Pamperedpeeps Aviary as my place to purchase a baby bird.
On May 12, 2010 my 8 week old yellow sided conure, band # 268, was shipped to Savannah International Airport which is near my home in Hardeeville, SC.  My bird was well supplied with water, food, and a carefully created calm environment acheived  by placing soothing green mesh over the windows of the pet carrier to ensure
a feeling of safety for my bird.  Upon arrival Ella (my bird's name) was calm and easy to handle.  The socializing she received in Beth's family environment was very evident in that she enjoyed being handled and didn't act afraid or try to bite me.
All throughout the process of reserving my bird to the present I have been able to ask Beth questions and have them eagerly answered.  For example, the leg band shifted down too far on Ella's leg.  I contacted Beth and she created a video to show me how to safely correct the problem.  Her instructions worked and all has gone well.  She didn't put me off but answered me promptly. 
I highly recommend Beth and Pamperedpeeps Aviary as a quality place to purchase a parrot.  I now own two conures who are both very healthy.  If I decide to purchase a third bird it will be from Pamperedpeeps because the support via online updates and availability for help is there when needed. I believe the quality of health is the highest.


 Band #258 'Mia' Born: 2009
My son purchased Mia via the computer from Pampered Peeps. He had his heart set on a yellow sided green cheek because he liked my green cheek. Pampered Peeps answered all our questions quickly on the computer and sent us lots of pictures and updates so we felt we already knew her before we ever saw her. She is lovely and sweet. Her first vet visit had all the assistants in the room passing her around as the said they rarely got to interact with tame birds. Everthing from her check up came back 100%, although, we knew they would. They stretched the visit out a bit so they could play with her! Mia has attended Boy Scout functions, Vacation Bible School and Music practices. She gladly visits people she doesn't know and gives them kisses. She adores Irish music, especially jigs. At music practices (at my house) she gets everyone laughing with her dancing and singing! She also enjoys old cowboy songs-go figure! She enjoys afternoons at the piano with my son.
We enjoyed picking Mia up at your home, enjoyed seeing all the animals. I'm afraid we took up a bunch of your time that evening! I wonder if the girls got around to looking at the piano music and violin music we left with them? I have also wondered how you can keep up so well with the seeds and droppings, etc, that comes with breeding so many birds, dogs and horses! I have recommended you to folks looking for pet birds. I also recommend your site to the vet at AZ Bird clinic-she said it was hard to find a site where folks knew how to deal with birds and issues. Mia is a delight to us and to those who come visit us and we are thankful to have her in our home.
Becky Lennon
Hi All!
Hope all is well there!  Just thought I'd give you a quick Mango update...I'll have to figure out how to send you a video soon.  Besides turning around with just a voice command, he's learned to "shake hands", give a kiss on my cheek, and most importantly... "go poopie"  =)
For a few weeks now we've been hearing him "mumbling" and I knew he'd be a talker.  Well, I guess I've been really consistant with the "step up" command, because I've heard it a few times now!!  Last night with lights out at nite nite time, instead of his loud bedtime chirping (a.k.a screeching) he yelled "step up" a few times  HA HA
Mango has been so much fun, I still can't thank you enough for raising such a sweetheart!  Everyone that meets him is amazed how "handleable" he is, and you always get the credit  =)  I still have a hard time convincing people that he's a Yellow sided GREEN CHEEKS because he's got red cheeks.  His coloring is just beautiful!!
Well... will keep you posted,


Of course you can put my reference on your website!   It's the least I can do for getting such a great little buddy and all of the helpful info on your site!  I love checking out your site for all the videos and pics of Mango's brothers and sisters too  =)


Hi Beth
I just waned to take a minute and tell you what a great pet Lindbergh
has become. He is such a handsome bird and I can't get over how much
inelegance is packed into his little cranium. Lindbergh, #161 yellow
sided green cheek is just 4 months old now. He gets to fly free in
our garage and office 2 or 3 times a day. He will fly around the
inside of the garage 3 or 4 times and is quite  acrobatic.  He also
has clicker training sessions a couple of times a day. He is
now climbing up a ladder to the top of a little house and retrieving
a ring  off of the chimney and carrying it down the ladder and
placing it in my hand and then going to his little Bottle brush perch
to receive his well deserved treat. He also is learning to ride a
scooter, which is not his favorite means of transportation, but he is
doing a good job of it. He steps up and he steps down and he also
flies to us when called.
He is learning what "easy" means when it comes to biting and he is
learning what "go potty" means.
Lindbergh was so eager to learn and be around people when he arrived
at our home and I know this is a result of how you raise and wean your birds.
I just want to thank you  and your family for such a wonderful bird.
Best Regards
Larry S. (Oregon)

P.S. The attachment is a picture of Lindbergh.

At 09:20 PM 6/10/2008, you wrote:


This is Anna, Beth's middle daughter. Mom asked me to come email you and tell you that we really appreciate that you have taken the time to give us an update on Lindbergh. Thank you!  We loved the picture that you took. Your camera takes amazing pictures! Mom wanted to know if we could use your pictures on our website and also if we can use this email on our reference page. '

We also peeked at your glass blowing art and you are incredible.

Thanks and Blessings,

Hi Anna,
You are more than welcome to use Lindberghs picture and this email any way you wish. By the way, thanks for the compliment on my glass beads.
Best Regards

Sunny was a baby Congo African Grey who went home with Jeannie C. in early August. They are loving Sunny and are pampering their new peep!

Hi Beth,

Sunny has captured our hearts with his wonderful personality and antics.  He takes a shower with me everyday and is so funny to watch.  He will lift his cute face up to the water and close his eyes as he gets misted with cool water.  He also lifts his wings so I can use a washcloth to get under them.  After the shower he gets wrapped in one of his baby blankets and rests on Mommy's chest for a few minutes while he drys.  My husband just marvels that "a bird" can behave this way.

We have also been taking him for a couple of daily walks in his very own stroller!!  I had a new stroller that my dog wouldn't ride in and it is perfect for Sunny.  It is screened in and I put a little table perch in it along with crocks for water and treats.  He LOVES it!!  It will be perfect for our outings with Christie to the park when the weather cools.   I can put his flight suit on and he will have his own little area.  Here is a photo of his stroller:

I am so grateful to Pampered Peeps (Beth, her husband and delightful daughters) for the love and care they put into raising my "Sunny" from a baby to a now priceless member of our family.  I feel like I have just adopted a child.  They took the time to play with him, take him on outings, let him learn to fly, taught him how to eat healthy food, etc. etc.  I feel blessed to have found this wonderful family who don't raise birds to sell .... they love baby birds till they find them a "forever home".  Thank you so much!


One Yellow Sided Green Cheek, Libby, went to a very, very sweet man in Minneapolis St. Paul. Mitch has been an absolute DOLL to work with! He sends awesome descriptions of "Her Libbyness" and "gives all the credit to Beth and her wonderful daughters of Pamperedpeeps Aviary!!! He bought Libby from us in mid-July and has absolutely loved her:


Libby is quite the little bird.  I let her climb out of that marvelous shipping crate on her own time.  Her first flight was to the top of my head.  She stayed there quietly "quacking" for about 15 minutes then flew off to perch on each curtain rod in the living room.  And what a sight she saw cars, trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrians.  At one point I thought I saw her head turn all the way around.  She steps up right smartly (quality breeding for sure), but does have a curiosity for tender flesh.  Funny thing it doesn't really hurt until she lets go ;-)  Your wing clip was right on.  If she works hard enough she can still get where she wants to go, but I can tell that she's putting out 110%. So far she's pooped a few times, snacked on 12 grain bread (from my hand), had a few choice seeds, and drank from a water dish. Right now she's exploring the acrylic cage (looking for the hidden escape hatch more likely).  We've spent some time reading the manual for the digital camera together.  She seems to feel that it's her job to sit on the manual while I try to read it.  I did take a few pics, but there's software to install in order to move it to the computer. I think that'll have to wait until tomorrow.  Thanks once more for all your hard work raising my little sweetie.
Libby's dad Mitch

He made Libby the coolest acrylic cage and sent us a picture of her in it!


He sent this to us a few days later saying, "I got Libby's flight suit on for the first time today!"


Libby came out today in a big way.  She met 2 more neighbors, met Marv (my 89 year old buddy), stopped at 3 garage sales, and paid a visit to the local small pet food store.   It was incredible!  The car headrest/perch worked great.  She was so comfortable that she ate on one foot while we were driving.  The manager of the pet food store had never had a "bird experience."   Libby flew to her shoulder and turned
on the charm.  Before long Libby had plucked out one of her diamond stud earrings.   So young to be started on a life of crime.  No harm done though Libby reluctantly gave it to me (along with that little annoyed sound she can make).    One customer was surprised at how tame she was considering her young age.  I gave you guys full credit of course, but did mention that I'm teaching her to poop on command. That always wows them.  After three hours in the flight suit we got home and de-suited, I checked her vent, and it was clean as a whistle.  Most impressive.  Couldn't wait to share the news.

This is a picture that he sent us of Libby in her suit on his "custom made" perch that he rigged up off of the headrest of his car:

She is on her little perch with her food cup underneath! To see more great, pictures of Libby, click on the picture of her with her favorite toy!!!


Jan F. bought Shiloh from us in August, 2006. As you can read from this email, she had a bit of a struggle getting Shiloh's Flight Suit on at first. But, she won the battle and she has bought two more suits from us so that Shiloh can "wear different clothes each day we go walking." Read more about Jan and Shiloh's struggle by clicking here.


Dear Beth and Family,
When we had the burning desire to acquire an baby African Grey, Pampered Peeps was mentioned to us.  At that time, I called you, Beth, and knew right off this that this is where we would be getting our new baby from. 
We want to thank you and your family for raising the most beautiful, highly intelligent grey that we have ever seen!  And of course, I am speaking about Shiloh!!  Shiloh is adjusting well to her new home with us, and the rest of our family, consisting of a very jealous twelve year old CAG, a pussywillow yellow nape Amazon, and a nasty but adorable blue front Amazon, plus three kitties.  She has fit right in, and is queen of the domain!!  Anything Shiloh wants, Shiloh gets!  Sounds a little spoiled, don't you think!
We wanted Shiloh to settle in a little before tackling the flight suit thing, so waited two weeks.  Boy, that was a mistake!!  The first couple attempts were a disaster, with her taking control and me totally frustrated.  She seemed very pleased with herself at that point.  The next day, after a phone call from Beth, Shiloh was in her suit and visiting all of her new neighbors in the neighborhood.  I finally got to show off my new baby to the world!!  I don't know who was more proud, me or Shiloh, as she sat on my shoulder just showing off her new rainbow suit to everyone!!!
None of this could have been done, without the loving care that Shiloh received from Beth, Bill, Lisa, Anna and Jessie.  Without them, handling, feeding, playing, and encouraging my baby, I would have just another grey, that I would have to mold from scratch.  This one came to me with a built in personality!!, and, all of the basics to create a wonderful bird that will be with our family forever.
Again, to all of your family, thank you so much for your loving and caring way of raising these wonderful babies! 
Jan, Mike, the Kitties and Flock!

Jane bought Peanut (a darling Blue Crown Conure) from us and she also bought a Flight Suit about 2 years ago. Every day, she Flight Suits Peanut up and takes him for a walk around her neighborhood! At first, he greatly resented the Suit, but now, loves the Flight Suit, because it means going on a walk. She says he literally "jumps into his Suit each morning to go outside!" This is a great example of what happens if you put your baby in a Flight Suit every day and are very persistent!

This is what she said after Peanut had been there for 3 weeks:

Hi Beth and The Girls:

Peanut is just daily blossoming into one terrific little bird.  He has a little attitude that is just adorable...he is now starting to get on my shoulder when I walk over to the cage and pat on it for him.  He is still only saying "What" alot, but he is young and he listens so intently he will get going when he is ready...and of course that is not a problem with us whether he does or not.
He does not seem to like his pellets at all, throws them on the bottom of the cage.  I figure I will still keep at it.  He absolutely loves grapes and yams.  The sweet stuff!  But I continue to give him a variety, he will in time start to eat it all.  He is a little piggy...he has also started to bathe in his water dish, what a riot!  So I constantly am changing his water.  He gets bottled water by the way....nothing but the best for Peanut.
When I take him to bed for the nite, he hangs on to my neck and flaps his wings and calls to the flock, he is such a delite.  Then after he gets settled in, if we go in to the room, he makes little squeaky noises...I sent away for a couple of those cubbies beds.  I figure when I take him to Lakeside he will want to cuddle up in those at night.  He sleeps sometimes in his sleep bed, but most of the time he sleeps on top of it.  Will get some pictures this weekend when my granddaughter comes over....take care and have a wonderful weekend.
Much love,
And her next email was after he had been there 6 months:

Hi Beth:

Well, Peanut turned 6 months old yesterday.  My time has literally flown by, hasn't it? 
I took your advice and started putting his play stand away from the cage and put him on that during the day.  He of course hangs on me part of it too.  And he is not as prone to bite when I get him out of his cage that was the problem, getting territorial.  He is a love!  When I get him up in the morning I hold him close to my cheek and he kisses me all the way down the hall, then when I put him in his cage, I tell him to go poopie and he does!  What a bird!
He is a good little eater, and he loves to climb up my curtains and sit at the very top.  I think he is spoiled, don't you?  He is still not showing too much interest in talking much, but that is okay, I told Rich if all he ever says is, What, What, What, it is still so cute and we love him.  And he just might be a late talker.....time will tell.
I don't know how we ever got along without him.  He is a special bird, and thank you again for letting us purchase him from you.
Hope you and your family have a wonderful week.
Warm regards,
Jane and Peanut
And another email.....

Hi Beth & the Gals:

Just a quik Peanut update....he is now making kissy sounds like I have to him...he said the word "Peanut" the other day clear as a bell....has not said it since however.  But he is getting the message.  He is an absolute little piggy when it comes to food.  In the morning he dives right in making sounds like he is starved to death.  He loves Nutri-berries!! 
One day I came home from being somewhere, he had figured out how to get out of his cage, gotten on the windowsill, chomped on some of the wood around it, spilled sand (I had some colored sand in decorative little bottles), nipped all the artificial flowers off the stems, just a regular little mischief maker he was.  I can't for the life of me figure out how he was able to open that door! 
But, he can do just about anything and still get kisses from me.  When I am out of the room, many times he will come flying looking for me.  When he lands on the tile, it looks like he is skating on the floor when he walks.  It's hilarious!
Every afternoon he sits on my shoulder and we both take a nap in the chaise lounge.  He snuggles up to my neck as close as he can get.  He is our little doll!!  He is still very laid back, he is not a noisy bird, not a bit scared of anything, I can hold him anyway I want and he looks at me as if to say, "Whatever you want to do with me is okay by me!"  We are heading up to Lakeside today and we are going to be there 10 days.  He rides on my shoulder in the car the entire way, looks out the window, eats whatever I am eating, he is the best little traveler. 
I can't express to you enough how happy I am that I found you with this special little bird you allowed me to bring into our home.  Rich tells everyone how concerned I am that Peanut doesn't smell anything that can harm him, and how he eats better than we do.  He loves him to however, Peanut sits on his shoulder every evening when he comes home from work.  He likes to nibble on Rich's face, I think it's the whiskers he's after.  Never bites us ever!!
Well, this has gotten to be longer than I thought it would be.  Attaching a picture I took this AM....Peanut likes to sit here and look out the window and play with the little gems that hang on this.  You can see he is chewing on the edges.  I'll have to get him another one.  By the way, what size did you get that Santa suit?  I would like to get Peanut something like that.  I put his harness on regularly to keep him used to it, he does not particularly care for it though, he has shredded parts of it. 
Take care and have a wonderful 2005.
Much warm love,
Jane and Peanut

As you can see, Peanut is getting better every day!

Hi Beth and the Girls:

Hope you all are fine, I know you stay pretty busy, we do too over on this side of town.  Just wanted to touch base so you know Peanut is doing just fine, cute as a button and his little personality is just blossoming day by day.

He is really a low-key bird, he is so content to entertain himself alot of the time, I always put him in my lap in the morning to feed him his breakfast.  We both look forward to that, I think I get most of it on me. :)  He is a good little eater.

Then in the afternoon he sits on my shoulder and we both take a power nap in the recliner.  He snuggles just as close to my neck as he can get, and then tucks his little head in my ear and makes squeaky sounds.  I love him to pieces!!  He sleeps in the little cubbie bed I got him.  That is sooo cute!  If I can get a picture of that sometime I will.  It's at night, so the light is off and I don't usually disturb him.  He still says What, What, What all of the time, but I am hopeful for more words as he gets older.  It's funny sometimes he says What at an appropriate time when someone is around and asks a question.  What a riot! 

He absolutely gets soaked when he takes a bath.  I bought a bigger dish for him and I put warm water in it around 11 AM, and he literally dives into it.  Has great fun....I have gotten some interactive toys for him, ones that he can take out of the holes and put back in, he loves those too.

I am attaching a picture of him just hanging in his cage.  Not doing much, but you can see he looks content enough.

Take care and hope all is well with you and your family, birds, horses, dogs, chickens and all.

Warm regards,

Jane and Peanut

Hi Beth and the Girls:
Peanut is now saying "Peek A Boo" and I Love You", he continues to develop his own unique little personality....he is still very quiet for a parrot, talks to himself sometimes, loves to play with his favorite toys, and he has just discovered corn....I read where they like popcorn soaked and cooked, so I cooked some in the crockpot all nite & he went absolutely bonkers for it....I was really surprised.
We have a little hummingbird that has made its nest on our deck, laid eggs and we are all having fun watching her.  She does not mind Peanut one little bit, he goes out on the deck on his play gym to watch her.  We go for walks around the mobile home park, he is on my shoulder, he loves it, talks in my ear, not the least bit afraid & never even tries to fly off.  He kisses my face as we go.  The residents are all quite excited to see him when we go.  They think he is beautiful, which he is of course.
He flys off his cage when he can't see me and walks down the hall calling for me.  Andee (poodle) escorts him, it is sooo cute.  He walks right next to him almost protecting him, Andee's fur on his ears is real fluffy and Peanut gets right into it, then he shakes his head and squawks.  Andee gives him licks and Peanut kisses him.  This is the most fun I think I have ever had!! 
We leave for Lakeside mid-April, and of course my little Peanut will be riding along on the seat.  He loves to go bye-bye....when he goes to bed at night, I kiss him all the way down the hall, saying"  Peanut go nite-nite, & he calls for all of us to come too.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for letting me buy this wonderful bundle of feathers!!
Take care and I will check in again.
Jane and Peanut
2007, Three years later!! :Letters from families like this are one motivation for us to keep breeding. It is so neat to hear the joy that a bird can bring into a home!

Hi Beth and the Gang:

It has been three whole years now since I have had Peanut, how time flies.  He is just absolutely the best!!!  I wish I could figure out how to condense a file I have on him singing and send to you.  I just need to take the time to do it...but it seems the computer can take up so much time.  I have so many other things to do.  But he sings the cutest song...try and imagine his cute little voice...he says:
I love dat Peanut, yes I do,
I love dat Peanut, boop-e-doo
When I away from you, boo-hoo
Oh Peanut, I love you. boop-e-doop!!
It is just hilarious to hear him sing that.  Of course I taught him that, and my sister says it even sounds like me.  He is constantly saying new words and phrases.  His latest, is Andee, stop that!  That is our poodle, and he likes to go under Peanut's cage and scrounge around, so I tell him to stop, so Peanut now does too.
I hope you are yours and doing well, I get requests at least every month to make a birdy bunk because someone has either ran across my website or have seen yours.  Thank you again for that.
I have not gotten another bird, I gave it a lot of thought and decided that Peanut needed my undivided attention.  I have sent you a new picture (a close up) I took recently while we were up in Lakeside.  Doesn't he look great?  His feathers are pretty and shiny, eyes bright, and just a nice healthy, happy Peanut.
He has a home here as long as Rich and I can live.  Hopefully a long, long time.
Warm love,
Jane and Peanut




These letters are courtesy of Della F. from Kentucky. "Cello" was a Sun Conure she bought from us a few years ago and that little Sun started her breeding birds! Her husband blames us for her bird addiction, but despite his misplaced blame, we have a Pineapple Green cheek named after him!

She now has a website:

          we love her!!!!!!   she is so much more than we expected, she gave me about 3 kisses right off , and flew straight to my husband on the couch, she loves the blue crown i see what you were saying about the way she likes to play and pick at the blue crown kinda looks at her and she kinda pushes and nibbles him they are more than i  imagined   all send you a picture in a few minutes, as soon as i find my camera.   i couldnT wait to hold her, at the cargo department the ladies had to see her also, so they shut all doors and we opened the box they fell in love with her, but who wouldnt?


A few years later, we asked Della for a reference letter:


I would like to say anyone purchasing a avian friend from the pamperedpeeps family won't be disappointed. It was a Blessing that I found them when surfing the internet for a Handfed Baby Sun Conure. My family and I were un-educated on parrots and types of parrots.

Beth, being the caring person she is, gave several educational sites to read about Sun Conures before I put a deposit on one. Which was extremely helpful to our family

Considering we were unfamiliar with them .She also warned us they can be quite loud at times .

Well we decided we wanted one from this family. They kept me updated on my baby such as weight it was gaining ,feathers it was staring to get and pictures couple of times a week . It was almost as if we where there watching it grow into a beautiful bird.

Beth and her girls are very dedicated to their pets health and the homes their babies go too.

I couldn't put it in words what joy our little sun conure brought into our lives. The Girls had named her Cello we kept the name , our Cello is still as sweet as they day I brought her home from the airport.

I would strongly recommend Beth and her girls to anyone wanting to purchase a loving sweet handfed parrot.

Della Fuson

Harlan Kentucky







Angel went home with a Phoenix family who sent us this email just a few days after her being there.


Hi Beth,
Thank you so much for allowing us to purchase Angel!!!  She is settling right in.
She has become part of the family and even my husband has a soft spot for her.  I am so impressed with how friendly she is and also quiet.  Every now and then she will squeak I think to get our attention and she lets us know that she prefers our shoulders over her cage.  We have had to work a bit on the biting thing but wow she is nothing like our previous Margarita ;)!
Will send some pics when I get time to take them!
Thanks again we just love our new Angel. 

We also asked Denice for a reference letter:

To Future Bird Parents,
I highly recommend Beth and her family who have Pampered Peeps as a reputable source for purchasing your new family pet!  She came highly recommend to us when we were looking for our new pet bird and we can't say enough about her and our "Cricket"!
Beth was very patient with me and all of my questions, I was especially concerned about aggressiveness and birdie health. After having several lengthy conversations with Beth, and becoming more informed about the differences in birds and behaviors we decided to purchase a Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure from her for our daughter (10yrs) as a pet, we know we made the right decision as both of our children can take Cricket out of her cage and handle her without fear and worries!
We are so pleased with our bird that we will be buying another from Beth in the near future!
Denice J. and Family

"Angel" ended up belonging to Loren, Denice's little girl. After getting to know Angel, Loren wrote us.

my name is loren. Angel is my new best friend, I really enjoy her.
My whole family loves her.
Angel has made a friend with my dad & my dad loves her. today I
bought a harness for her, I can't wait to try it on her.I am sorry
my tiping is a little bad.


As you can tell, everyone in the family fell in love with Angel. They emailed us a few months later and said they renamed her Cricket. She would mutter under her breath and sound like she was saying "Cricket." All Green Cheeks do is so cute!

These letters are courtesy of Denice J. of Gilbert, AZ. Denice also raises Miniature Horses and her website is .


Little Emmy, a Yellow Sided Green Cheek, went to live with Teresa A. and her son Tyler of Payson, AZ.

Emmy is awesome!  Tyler has a hard time putting her down... She is like a little magnet - she insists on sitting on his shoulder.  If he sits her down on the playgym she will fly right to him and cuddle up with him.  She fell asleep last night in the palm of my hand.  I'm having a hard time keeping my hands off of her!  We ended up putting her and the cockatiel together in a very large cage. 
Please add me to your list for babies when they come around again next season!  I think I would like to have another little yellow sided girl or a pineapple for myself...  Please tell your girls how much we appreciate all that you do for the babies.  It really shows! 
Emmy is just sooo adorable!

The next is a short 'series' of emails that were on bird lists. (Two great lists are  and ) A 15 year old boy wanted to know if we were reputable breeders and emailed these two lists asking that question. Here is what was responded to him.

Vicki ( referred me to Beth at Pampered Peeps and I now have an amazing YSGC named Lily.
Beth (and her daughters) raise the BEST baby birds! I couldn't be happier.
I have attached a few pictures of Lily. 

The next person to respond was Vicki, the lady who Dawn referred to in her email.


I can tell you firsthand that Pampered Peeps has wonderful, well socialized, healthy babies. I have a YSGC, Kriket, that is a sweet bird. I have referred many people to Pampered Peeps for birds and I don't know of anyone who has had any problems or been dissapointed. In fact, everyone that I've referred and others I've talked to have been extremely pleased with the birds from there. I would highly recommend Pampered Peeps to anyone looking for a healthy, well adjusted, happy bird. You can also check out their website at: for more information about the birds they raise. Good luck and enjoy your new green cheek.

Vicki Johnson & Flock
Phoenix, AZ. 

Vicki sent us a reference letter saying:

I am writing this letter as a reference for Beth and her family. I just have to say that she and her girls are absolutely wonderful with their birds and other animals. I completely trust them and their judgement in caring for their adult and baby birds. The girls are the most well behaved children I have ever met and they are very respectful towards myself and others. Beth has done a terrific job of instilling responsibility and teaching them the proper way to care for all animals. I am amazed every time I go over to visit them that their house is always spotless and the cages are always clean with fresh foods, water and plenty of toys. Of course the birds are outside their cages most of the time and they get plenty of interaction with all family members. I truly enjoy each visit with Beth and her family and am always impressed with the way they treat and respect their animals. I look forward to getting a  yellow sided green cheek conure baby from Beth as soon as she is weaned. I would highly recommend Beth and her family (and have) to anyone who is looking for a happy, healthy bird to adopt. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Vicki J. at


Maranda bought a Cinnamon Green Cheek from us and wrote us this:

Dear Beth,


I just wanted to show you a cute picture of CinCin (Hannah) at home with us. She is such a treasure and we love her very much. She gets her mash everyday and lots of out-of-cage time. Thanks for your devotion to companion parrots it really shows in her.  I am constantly amazed by her personality. She is truly a part of the family.


Lots of Love,




Below is an email from a lady in Tucson who bought a Sun Conure from us a few years ago!


Hello Beth,

   Sorry it has taken me so long to reply back.  I haven't been up to date with my e-mails.  Skittles is doing great.  I play with him everyday.  He falls asleep on me just about 3 times a day.  He is very spoiled.  I have found that he loves to be pet underneath his wing.  He will hold his wing up for me while I am petting him and starts to fall asleep.  He eats fresh veggies every day and so far, he seems to love his new home and everyone seems to love him just as well.  I have chose not to clip his wings so he flies everywhere from person to person or off your shoulder, around the room and back to you.  Several people have noted that Skittles reminds them of a boomerang.  I love him to death and don't think I could have found a better bird (others seem to think the same).  Hope everything is going well for you as well.  Say hi to your wonderful family for me.


Susie E. has been a dear friend for years. She bought a baby Sun Conure, a Cockatiel, and Finches from us. She raised horses when she lived here and she has given us two horses, a dog, many chickens, etc. Just recently, she moved from her house down the road to Litchfield Park. It was a blessing to have her about 10 doors down for so many years:

Good Afternoon to all concerned,


I’d like to take a moment and introduce you to a special friend of mine, Beth  and her wonderful family. We have been neighbors for a little over 8 years. Not much time goes by that my children and I don’t scurry down to their home to see one of their new additions. These new additions can include, but trust me not limited to, horses, dogs, and birds of every kind, kittens or any others that might stray to their home. All are accepted and loved and cared for.


Their home is blessed with 3 very precious daughters, whom I have grown to love dearly.  With the knowledge and guiding hand of their mother, I have watched these girls delight at the sight of a new egg in a nest, to lovingly learning the art of hand raising these birds. These family raised, hand feed birds are wonderful, trusting, and sweet creatures, perfect for any family or individual. I should know I’ve purchased my fair share. I purchased a beautiful young Sun Conure for my son, and the most enjoyable part of this purchase was to watch “Chevy” grow from birth at their home to hand feeling to the day my son called her his own. I also bought for myself a sweet hand fed Cockatiel who I named “JT” who was the crowning king in our home. Not a dull day went by that JT didn’t make us smile.


The animals and birds who call the  home their home are quiet special indeed. This is a wonderful place to live or to visit or grow up in or to just hang out for a little while. I love to watch the birds and I’ve learned a lot about raising and caring for birds there as well. I’m sure my purchases will not be limited to those of the past; I think the future is calling for a new family member.


If you are interested in purchasing an animal or bird from this home, be assured that you will always receive a healthy, trusting, loving creature.


Please if you have any questions what so ever, feel free to call, I’d love to talk to you about any of our purchases from Beth and her family.


Thank you, Susie E. and Family

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