Thankyou, Mitch, for being such a GREAT person to work with and for all of your compliments!!! I would also like to add that I think that "Libby" is a great name for a Green is short for Liberty!


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Mitch's friend and another bird-Mom, Natalie, came over and fell in love with Libby...who couldn't?


Libby, like all Green Cheeks, loves to snuggle! This picture of her head shows off the beautiful color of the Yellow Sided Green Cheek.


Mitch manages a hardware store in Minneapolis St. Paul, and has made Libby an acrylic cage and toys! Her cage is absolutely wonderful; being clear as glass  and having beautiful, colorful toys!


Here are some wonderful pictures of Libby in her awesome cage.....


Mitch has conquered Libby and is getting the suit on her like it is "old hat." Click here to read some emails he sent us when Libby wasn't cooperating....

All of us just want to give Mitch a big "Thankyou" for being such a wonderful individual person to deal with and for giving our little Libby such a great home.

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