The Senegal Parrot...they are playful & talkers!!!

We no longer have our pair of Senegal Parrots. We may purchase another pair, for we love this species. I am leaving up the pictures and information merely for your all's enjoyment. If we buy another pair, I will be sure to update the website.


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The Senegal Parrot is a member of the Poicephalus family. Poicephalus tend to be a quieter bird relative to other parrot species, but make excellent talkers. The other feature of Poicephalus that make them such great pets is that when you go to scratch them, they love it; they close their eyes and get that dreamy look, they lean into it, they lift their wing so you can better scratch underneath, they adore being touched all over! I have found this to be true with Jardines, Senegals, Red Bellies and even a Cape that we babysat for a month.

There are two subspecies of Senegals, the Orange Bellied, and Yellow Bellied.

Senegals are a very cool bird in the essence that they are "self entertaining." If you have to work long hours and only play with your bird at night, Senegals are fine with that. They can also be very playful and rambunctious. But, as you can see by this picture, they love to be cuddled and scratched!!!


This is a Senegal (right) with a Meyers parrot (left) also in the Poicephalus family.


"Hmmm...I thought I knew the alphabet, but when I went to type my friend, I'm not sure....."

Now for baby pictures!!!!
This little guy is a baby Senegal. Can you see the little bits of orange starting to come in on the belly??? Another neat thing about Poicephalus is that they have a florescent green. You can see  it on the legs of this baby!
See the orange belly starting to come in? This guy was the coolest baby! He made the funniest little we called him Squeaker!
The orange goes all the way up under the wing

This little guy seems to think it's his birthday, hmmm...
Senegals have the potential to be very good talkers. Our parent pair were so entertaining with all of their words. They will often become one person bird, as will most birds, as they mature. The other members of the home, who are not the bird's favorite, have to be willing to really work with the bird to maintain a relationship. This means not being afraid of being bitten and not giving up.


All pictures are photographed by Pampered Peeps and are copyrighted. They may not be copied without permission.

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