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Yes, we do ship! We ship about 85% of our babies and consider the airlines to be VERY reliable. There is lots of feedback from buyers of our babies on our nursery journals and on our reference page where you can read how well they travel.

We have shipped baby parrots to Kentucky, to the Dakotas, to Tennessee, to Alaska, to Florida, to California, to Georgia, and to all parts of this great nation. We have also shipped Gouldian youngsters to Cincinnati, Kentucky, Nevada and Washington state with no problems.

The lady in Kentucky said she opened up her crate, and the staff at the cargo department nicknamed her baby "Leach" for it hopped onto her and clung so tightly. This does bring up a rebuke though, for I do not recommend opening the crate until you are in the safety of your car or home. Those Cargo departments have all sorts of birds and other pets traveling through and you do not want to expose your baby to anything harmful.

Many ask if shipping is stressful on the baby. I have now shipped enough babies and had enough shipped here that I do not believe it is stressful to them if they are well socialized and handled a lot during weaning. We also spend days before shipping with your baby getting him used to going in and out and playing inside the crate.


Our babies have seen and done so much by the time they are weaned that their hours in a crate is just another adventure. We put flight suits on them and take them on walks, to Home Depot, sneak them into the grocery when need be under my shirt, we take them yard sale-ing and to our local post office. They have been in different environments (we purposely switch cages on them) and met all of our other pets. They have been put in plastic horse corrals and in tents for naptime. The crate is not a fearful place for them. It is dark like a nest box and secure. This Eclectus is only sleeping :)
I have no qualms about shipping our babies for they are so well socialized and have done so much that I know it is just another adventure for them. But if a breeder has not done all these things, it could terrify a baby. Here we are coming home from our local post office with 3 baby Greys. This is almost a daily thing, so what is the big deal of a crate when you have done this?
Then there is my silly youngest daughter who is always putting the babies into tents and forts. Again, what is a ride in a crate if you have been played with like this? If a baby is well socialized, it will take the trip easily and arrive in great shape.
The challenge is that you need to find a breeder who plays with their babies like this and most breeders do not have this kind of time. I don' is my children who do this. If you look closely, you can see this Grey is standing on my youngest's Saxon math book. Jessie is doing her math at the same time. She LOVES the babies and includes them in her day. There are other excellent breeders out there, it is up to you to ask many a question.

Click here for tips on finding a likeminded breeder.

As does Lisa....



Then we have also shipped our newly fledged Gouldian Finches. We have now shipped 54 Gouldianbirds and not one has died. (2007) They are aviary birds (not socialized) and are much more fragile than the parrots. Yet, they do not have any problems with shipping (knock on wood).


We ship in crates that are hard plastic, fasten a perch in the bottom and give the baby water-containing veggies and fruits to keep him hydrated. I also put millet and a pellet/seed mixture in a dish that is screwed into the side of the crate. With some species of babies, I tape shade cloth over the openings so it is dark inside and your baby will feel more secure and hidden. The crate will be well marked with the destination. Click here to see two silly girls preparing shipping crates late at night.

Over the front of the crate, we put a wire mesh if the bird is small enough to warrant that. Babies who are being shipped are exposed to water bottles so that they will drink out of one during their trip. It is an easy way for me to make sure water is accessible and not spilled all over the crate. They have food (millet, pellets and seed) (fruits and veggies) during the trip. This crate is useful later on in the life of your bird when you need to transport him anywhere.

Update 2009, I now just duct tape shade cloth on the front of the door in the same way that we do the sides. This has been fine with Delta also.

Update 2012  We have now found a non spill dish for the water and will be using those for shipping.


When you pick up your baby, you will need a photo id with you. Typically, you will pick up at the cargo department unless I tell you otherwise. Please don't take your baby out while in the airport because so many animals travel through these facilities and there could be germs.

Please read this link Feeding as I do in the beginning is very important. This is a transitional time for the baby and keeping the food similar is important to keeping her eating.

I also put the flightsuits and dna certificates below the newspaper in the crate in an envelope.

Cost with United/Continental is about $130 which includes the crate, perches,  and dishes. insurance (declared value) and the airfare. Cost with Delta is about $185 including all of the above. Alaska Airlines has also been a reliable shipper and they cost about $185 with a crate. I ONLY ship on weekdays. The numbers given here are subject to change as airlines increase their rates. Shipping is usually only into major airports and not into smaller ones. Due to the increase in diesel fuel, I charge a $20 gas fee in addition to the above charges. MOST flights arrive in the evening hours.


If you are a breeder and want to learn more about how we prepare the crates and about airline details, click here

To compare the different airlines' policies regarding flying with pets, click here

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