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Help! My flightsuit is too big. What do I do?

Flight suit purchases are non-refundable! You, the buyer, are ultimately responsible for buying the correct size.

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Petite X-Small Small
Most Parrotlets Most  Lovebirds

**Green Cheek, Maroon Belly, Dusky & Jenday Conures

American Parakeets English Budgies
Smaller Lovebirds African Senegals

  Linnies!! Lineolated Parakeets

Ring Neck Doves
Meyers Parrots
Baby Tiels (< 6 mos)
Medium Large Wide
Cockatiels Patagonian conure Pigeons
Sun Conures Jardines Goffin Cockatoos
Smaller Lories Rainbow Lories Timneh African Greys 
Caiques Maximillian Pionus, Blue Headed Pionus  
Red Bellied Parrot,

Indian Ring Necks

 Nanday, Mitred & Blue Crown Conures


Hahns, Red Headed & Yellow Collared Macaws
Moustache & Alexandrian Parakeets
Wide Plus X-Wide X-Wide Plus
Severe Macaws  Smaller Congo African Grey (CAG) Medium to Larger Congo African Greys

Red Sided Eclectus

Crows Amazons Cameron Congo


Bare Eyed, Ducorps & Rose Breasted (Galah) Cockatoos  Solomon Island Eclectus
Citron , Lesser & Sulpher Crested Cockatoos
X-Wide Long X-Large Jumbo
Vos Marei & Grand Eclectus Umbrella, Eleonora  Medium Sulpher Crested Cockatoos Moluccan, Triton &  Greater Sulpher Crested Cockatoos




Most  Blue & Gold, Scarlet & Military Macaws Green Wing and

Larger Blue & Gold Macaws

Ducks! Geese! Roosters, Chickens!

Flight suit purchases are non-refundable!

**The flight suit that you need for a Green Cheek is called a Junior Small. The "smalls" are just too big. I used to buy the smalls and take a seam in them to make them smaller, but when I told the manufacturer about this, she came up with the Junior Small for the Green Cheek. This size fits perfectly. I have this size in Tropical print and in Rainbow print.

If you have bought a small flight suit for a Green Cheek and you need to take in a seam, here is how we adjusted ours and they work great. You will know it is too big if your Green Cheek keeps putting his foot inside of the suit. See the seam across the chest? I added that to fit a 'small' to my Green cheek.

This customizing a flight suit will work with other species too.


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