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Latin name: "Everythingus you could ever wantus!"

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From our experience, we LOVE the Timneh Grey as a pet. Their relatively small size makes them a great bird to pack along on a hike in the mountains or even around the home as you do your chores. Their amazing intelligence and talking ability will fascinate you and keep you entertained.


We have a Timneh Grey as a pet. One of her favorite things to do is to have a good snuggle!  If you put her on your chest and scratch her head, she totally relaxes...laying down and taking both feet off you! She makes cooing noises and loves it! She also cocks her head in funny ways and talks up a storm. "Papa" loves playing with toys and we often find her tail sticking out of a stainless steel toy bucket that is kept in her cage.
Papagei (the Timneh) had never worn a harness in her life! We brought her home and within a very short time had her wearing the harness. When we learned about flight suits, we stopped using harnesses and only use flight suits.


Neither of our Greys mimic only! They make up their own words and put them together on their own, too! The Timneh's previous owner was at work all day and would leave the TV on for the bird. As a result, Papagei (or Papagal since we found out he is a she!) will just spit out sentences unheard of before and never heard again!!! Our Timneh Grey is an excellent talker. The Timnehs talk and have just as big a personality as their larger cousins.

One thing we have noticed about our Timneh is security on the ground. Papagei gets on the ground and hops and skips and has an absolute ball. In the wild, Timnehs are on the ground much more while the Congos stay up in the trees. My Congo is very secure when when she is on her hanging playgym. She gets on top of it so that her back is touching the roof and then sings and talks.

Papagei will let anyone hold her and touch her back and beak your finger if it isn't me! Greys love attention and love to show off!...even to other birds! She was extremely easy to potty train and poops over the play stand whenever mom tells her to.

The Greys are a very fun and interactive bird and they do have the potential to  bond with one person over others. This bond is not necessarily so strong that they hate other people but they will definitely prefer "their person!!!" Our Timneh is not as strongly bonded to one person...meaning that she seems to like everybody equal. Here are some pictures...

This is Santa Claus...aka our Timneh!!!

Right after the Santa hat...she wasn't so sure if she wanted snuggles or not.

When we tried to get a picture...she thought it was show-off time!!!

She likes all kinds of fruits, especially apples! Please read on the value of feeding your African Grey Palm Oil. According to Parrots of the World, the fruit of the Red Palm Oil tree is one of the foods that Greys eat in the rainforest. You can buy Virgin Palm Oil to feed your Greys. It is what they would naturally be eating in the wild and is very healthy. On our Congo African page are 6 links about Palm Oil.
She learns very fast, too. Every once and a while, she would call the duck..."Heeeere, duck, duck, duck, duck, duckyyyyyy!" We decided to try to teach her on command. We would say, "Papa, where's the duck? Can you call the duck?" and when she would, we would say, "GGOOOOOOOOD Papa!!!" and give her a treat. Now, no matter who's around, when we ask her to, she will call the duck...she wants that treat.

Buying a Grey is a huge commitment and the potential owner needs to do lots of research into nutrition, their needs and behavior in order to be prepared. I recommend reading the book by Bobbi Brinker called For The Love of Greys. There is also an email chat list called "The Grey Connection" which would be another good place to start.

Here are some excellent links to begin reading up on African Greys (both Congo and Timneh).

These first four web articles do a super job on describing Greys, some of the current myths and the truth regarding this fascinating bird:     myth 1= Greys are clumsy    myth 2= Greys are pluckers    myth 3= Greys are one-person birds    myth 4= Greys need more calcium


Then these next articles are on the breeding of African Greys and have many qualities that you will want to look for in a breeder. An article about producing well socialized African Greys

All pictures are photographed by Pampered Peeps and are copyrighted. They may not be copied without permission.

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