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And now...for the beautiful Turquoise Green Cheek!!!

We no longer have any Turquoise pairs.



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Here is a pair with promise. Meet Curious and George. The Yellow Sided looking one on the left is the female. Even though she looks exactly like a Yellow Sided, she is not. She is a Yellow Sided split to a Turquoise. The Turquoise looking one on the right is a Turquoise split to Yellow Sided. They are able to produce the even rarer Turquoise Yellow Sided! We can't wait to feed out their babies!!! When we first bought our Turquoise pairs, they were very scared...as you can imagine. However, the little Yellow Sided wasn't...she was just plain curious. Her name became Curious and her husband's George!
  Do you see that bluish color on his primary wings? And the tail feathers are a silver color!

This shows off their beautiful white collar against their Turquoise body!

This is a really blue bird. The blue body against the bluer wing tips and white collar and dark head are so gorgeous!

These birds are absolutely stunning to look at and just as sweet as any other mutation!!!!

The Turquoise mutation is a recessive autosomal mutation and is not sex-linked. The Yellow Sided and Cinnamon mutations are sex-linked.

The recent introduction of Turquoise Green Cheeks here in our flock aroused more questions about their origin. Turquoise Green Cheeks were first imported by Richard Cusick of Outback Aviaries.  He was allowed to import these birds as a member of the USFWS approved captive breeding program CB009. In June of 2000, Richard brought in the first pairs from Geert Van Nieuwenhuyse a breeder in Brussels, Belgium. Isn't it amazing that a new mutation was brought in only five and a half years ago? We bird breeders seem to think that we have discovered all the different colors and mutations but just 5 years ago, a new one was discovered! In the wild, if there is a bird that is different...for instance, a bright Yellow Sided Green Cheek in the midst of a flock of Normals...it is more easily picked out and destroyed by predators. That is why the mutations are rarer...in the wild, they get destroyed or they are not chosen by mates. No one wants the oddball. Breeding in captivity is able to help these beautiful mutations flourish and prosper!
Email me for the Turquoise splits that Curious and George will produce. To read a more through description of the Green Cheek attitude, go to our  Green cheek page. To see it, click here.


All pictures are photographed by Pampered Peeps and are copyrighted. They may not be copied without permission.

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