Yellow Sided Green Cheeks...the colorful ones!

Two babies are available as of April 2015!! They were raised by a homeschooling family of 7 here in my neighborhood and I KNOW that these are super sweet babies. The children in this family have handled these babies extensively. They are also beautiful birds! Call Steve at 623 330.4428 to inquire about purchasing.

Larry, trainer and owner of Lindbergh, a Pamperedpeeps YSGC, sent me this video for Christmas. It is the tricks his "Lindbergh" has learned. Thank you, Larry, for loving one of our babies!  

Click here to see our last 2007 Yellow Sided Green Cheek fly to us when we call to her.

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Click on the pictures below to see a baby grow up!


Band 211 at 3 weeks old!

We have tried to breed for very red Yellow Sided Green Cheek babies. We love the Yellow Sided green cheeks with lots of red mixed into their feathering. Here are Zumo and Kaida who is a breeding pair of Yellow Sided Green Cheeks.

Zumo as a baby Zumo in 2009 Kaida as a baby Kaida waiting to be fed!

Below is a baby from Zumo and Kaida that came back to visit us this year. Such a beautiful bird!!! She is Band 321 and you can read more about her on the 2012 nursery journal. Many people ask me if girls or boys make better pets. I have been told stereotypical descriptions of each gender, but there are way too many exceptions to the rule for this to be a stereotype. This baby is a girl and she is very playful and very outgoing. Click here to see a movie of her playing with us. We will have many full siblings to her in 2013 for sale.


This short clip shows Lisa handfeeding one of the Yellow Sided Green Cheek babies. Listen to the cute little baby noises as she handfeeds. I mistakenly call this baby a Turquoise...please ignore me :)


Click here to see newly weaned Phoebe enjoying a birthday morning with us! (Music by Randy Thompson Ministries)

Make sure to watch the video of how to put a flight suit on your new Green Cheek.

Yellow Sided Green Cheeks are a beautiful mutation of the Normal Green Cheek Conure. A man named Forshaw first spotted the Yellow Sided Green-cheek mutation in the wild and he thought it was a separate species. In early editions of the book, "Parrots of the World", Forshaw names them Pyrrhura hypoxantha or the Yellow-sided Conure. It wasn't until this mutation was imported with other Green Cheeks from the wild that it was determined not to be a separate species. The importation of Yellow Sided Green Cheeks occurred in the early 1980’s at a quarantine station in CA and ended up with Steve Garvin and Deanna Ferris. They began independently breeding these initial Yellow Sided conures to discover how the mutation was transmitted. It is my understanding that they did not even know for sure if it was a mutation or a sub-species at this time. It was all further complicated by the initial Yellow Sideds being females only. They had to line breed for several generations to produce male Yellow Sideds. Thus, it took them several years to produce a male Yellow Sided. It is fascinating to me how recent all of this is in our history!! They are in the Pyrrhura family (all Green Cheeks are) and are much more brightly colored than the Normal mutations. These are Yellow Sided Green Cheek sisters. They are from the same clutch, but note the difference in color.


These two pictures are the same babies!!! Yellow Sided Green Cheeks vary in the amounts of reds and yellows present. The youngest of this threesome has the most red. The one in the middle is the oldest and has the most yellow. She flew all the way to North Dakota to live with her family! The one on the right ended up pink-chested. She got some of her sister's yellow and some of the other one's red!

In personality, all mutations of Green Conures are the same. The only difference in the mutations is color. As I demonstrated above, color in the mutations varies in slight degrees and not so slight degrees!!

On the left is 14 days old with a face that only a mother could love!

This is a little Yellow Sided at 21-22 days old. Can you believe that at 49 days, she will be all feathered in???

See the miraculous transformation of a Green Cheek by clicking here.


On these two, can  you see the breast feathers filling in?


We have a page that describes the Green Cheeks attitude really well. To see it, click here.


These beauties think that they aren't babies! They are about 40-45 days old and are refusing baby food.

On the right is one of the reddest babies we have had. She lives happily in Payson, AZ with her family! She is very sweet! Out of the three in her clutch, she was the middle temperament; not overly feisty, yet not docile and timid.


This is an adult female Yellow Sided. She has all her color in and loves to play by hanging by one foot!!


Green Cheeks love to find cuddly, snuggly spots such as under your hair and nestled in by your neck. They also love laying on their backs and chewing on their toes like a human baby.


This Yellow Sided wants to get into my  shirt for one of her cuddle sessions. They love little cozy spots.


Beau, the proud daddy I am holding is who started all of this. This little man talks like crazy. He belonged to me. He used to say, "Beaushky ish Lisha's biwd, Lisha's biwd!!!" or translated, "Beausky is Lisa's bird, Lisa's bird!!!" The "Beausky" came from me always calling him "Beausky Bob!" His speech has a endearing lisp to it.


They even like to lay on their backs in the harness! Harness training is another very cool thing we do with our babies. This way, they are able to go outside and ride bikes, horses, roller skate etc. without the fear of them flying away! Being in harnesses allows them to go visit our horses!


We discovered flight suits about 2006 and quickly gave up the harnesses and began using the suits instead. They are lighter weight, contain the poop and go on easier.





All three of us girls and my Mom are horse lovers. While other girls play with plastic horses, plastic riders and plastic barns, we grew up putting real birds inside the barns or have real baby birds riding the horses.


The red "eyeliner" looks like God painted it on some of the babies.


"I'm dancing with my ball!"


Can you believe the gorgeous red coloring? The beautiful painting on the right was done by a 18 year old girl in Snowflake, AZ. She has done other paintings (visit our Cinnamon Green Cheek page to see another one). Karen will paint your favorite bird if you contact her at:, price will vary depending on the size of canvas.


            To fly...or not to fly?...what a stupid question!



 To read more about whether to clip wings or not, click here. This article also discusses why I believe lots of flytime is important to the developing baby. this is Ron Landis' website and far...has the best explanation of the genetics of Green Cheek mutations!

All pictures are photographed by Pampered Peeps and are copyrighted. They may not be copied without permission.

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